Handheld round looms & long boards used to
weave yarn in a knitting pattern.

A Website Built For and A-"Round" Knitting Looms
& The People Who Love Them!

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Please browse through The Loom Room and find out
all about this quick and easy way to knit.

Knitting Loom Forum
Knitting Loom Forum - Ask questions about loom knitting, get help with your knitting loom projects, share your advice with others and join the fun in our knitting loom forum at The Loom Room.
Knitting Loom Yarn
knitting loom yarn, Yarn for knitting looms -- discount yarn, yarn on sale, cheap yarn, hat knitting loom yarn. Tell us about your favorite yarn & show off your creations! Free loom knitting patterns
Christmas Yarn for knitting looms
Christmas yarn. Special deals on holiday yarn from and The Loom Room. Knit Christmas stockings on round knitting looms.
Knitting Loom Websites
Knitting Loom Websites. Find knitting loom vendors, groups, instructions, patterns, and more. If it's about knitting looms and it's online, it's at The Loom Room!
Loom Knitting Designs
Loom Knitting Designs --At, we love knitting looms so much we designed these Tshirts to show it off. Support our site by collecting our loom knitting designs on shirts, mugs and bags.
Knitting Looms Blog - The Loom Room
Knitting Looms Blog - The Loom Room Blog - News and updates to the Special events, promotions and community news.
Christmas Stocking
Christmas stocking pattern for knitting looms. How to knit a christmas stocking on a round knitting loom video.
Knitting Loom Instruction Books
Knitting Loom Instruction Books --Recommended books to teach you how to loom knit using round handheld knitting looms. Contain knitting loom instructions, history of knitting looms, patterns and more.
Free Knitting Loom Patterns
Free knitting loom patterns to use with round or rectangular knitting looms or boards. Free loom knit patterns.
Free Loom Knitting Patterns
Free Loom Knitting Patterns --knitting loom instructions. Show off your projects here and get new ideas from other knitting loom fans. Basic step by step hat instructions with pictures. Add your own.
Knitting Looms
Knitting looms - All about loom knitting. Where to find round wooden knitting looms. How to loom knit for charity! Show off your own projects too at The Loom Room!
Knitting Loom Stories
Knitting Loom Stories --Share your funny, odd, interesting, heartwarming, silly, frustrating stories about knitting looms. You can read the loom knitting experiences of others as well. Have fun!
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Privacy Policy
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