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Free Knitting Loom Project of the Month, Issue #001 -- Feb.
February 09, 2004
Greetings, Loomies!

Your Free Knitting Loom Project Idea of the Month is finally here!

We are thrilled so many of you have signed up for our Free Knitting Loom Project Idea of the Month E-zine (sheesh, say that 5 times fast)! Your kind comments, advice, and support have been truly appreciated. We hope you will enjoy our knitting loom project ideas and "loom" away the winter blahs. Happy Looming!
The Turner Family

The Newborn Baby Hat

Here is a great gift idea for a baby shower. Using our Newborn Baby Hat Knitting Loom (27 peg) . . .

. . . and baby weight yarn, work loom until you have wrapped four loops on each peg. To make this process go faster, use two skeins of yarn and wrap two loops on pegs at once. White hat shown uses four wraps on each peg, and after about 10-12 rows of 2 over 2, hat is finished with a 3 over 1 stitch. This adds just a subtle, braided look at the top. Total number of rows should be 20-25 (adjust according to the look you prefer). We think the little rolled brim is a wonderfully feminine touch and would be perfect for a little girl.

Yellow hat with band would be great for a little boy. This hat was done with a skein each of baby white and yellow. Wrapping the pegs with four loops, work 15 rows of 2 over 2 and then reach inside the hat and pull the first row up thru the loom. Using your hook, and lining up the rows, reattach the first 2 loops of row one onto the loom and continue this process until you have gone all the way around. You now have a double thick band. Work the next row as before pulling 2 over 2. From this point on, this rest of the hat was done working 4 over 2. To do this you just wrap 6 loops on each peg and pull 4 over 2. Again total rows is 20-25. End off hat by threading a large yarn needle with about 12 inches of yarn and pull loops off of pegs, onto the yarn needle. I leave my yarn attached to hat and cut a long tail with which I thread my needle, then pull off yarn starting with peg # 1 and continue around until all loops are on the needle and yarn. Then you can tie closed. You can also add a pom pom to finished product.

Have Fun!

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