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Free Knitting Loom Project of the Month, Issue #002 -- May
May 13, 2004
Greetings, Loomies!

Your Free Knitting Loom Project Idea of the Month is finally here!

Okay, okay. This project idea is only...what? Two months late? (Oh, man. That's terrible!) Please accept our sincere apologies. We've been so swamped building & shipping looms, answering emails, and opening our new online store: The Loom Room Country Store --it's taken us forever to get this issue out. But we're hoping it will have been worth the wait.
In this issue you will find instructions for knitting scarves on round knitting looms, both flat scarves and tube scarves. This comes a little late for chilly weather, but it will give you time to perfect this pattern before next winter and maybe get a few early Christmas gifts done in the process ;-). Happy Looming!
The Turner Family

Knitting a Flat Scarf on a Round Knitting Loom

As you can see in the photo above, you can use any round knitting loom to knit a flat scarf (or any flat piece) by only wrapping part of the way around the loom. Instead of closing the circle, you will stop wrapping the pegs at your desired scarf width.

For our scarf we knitted 1/2 (one over two) which means you will need to wrap the first row three times before "knitting off" (:pulling the first strand over the second and third and over the top of the peg).

The pictures above show how to wrap around the last peg and start back toward the first. But we will describe it here also: wrap the yarn around the front of the last peg and continue all the way around to the back of the next peg and then continue wrapping in the traditional "e" wrap until the next end peg, where you will repeat the end wrap again. When you complete wrapping your third row, you will need to tie the working end of your yarn off to hold it in place. This is where you might want to use a thumbtack or push-pin to secure the loose yarn. (You could also just tie it to the next peg, but don't let that get you confused as to which is the last peg you are wrapping.) Once you've tied the loose yarn, go back to the first peg (red-topped on our looms) and start knitting the bottom row over the top two--working from your first peg toward the place you stopped wrapping.

Continue knitting 1/2 until your scarf is the desired length. This should be easy to determine, because there is no shrinkage or cinching of the scarf length, such as there is when knitting hats.

To remove the scarf from the loom: Knit off the last row and cut your working yarn, leaving a tail of at least three times the width of your scarf. With a crochet hook, begin on the opposite side of the scarf from where the yarn tail is. Hook the loop from first peg onto the crochet hook, lifting it off the peg, then lift the loop off the next peg and pass it through the back stitch on the hook. Continue this process until all the loops are off the knitting loom. Tie a "square knot" (:right over left & under, left over right and under)and weave your yarn ends into the scarf. Then, if you wish, you can make tassles out of coordinating or matching yarn and tie them onto the ends of the scarf and Voila! you've just knitted a scarf!

Hint: To keep the edges of the scarf from rolling, wet the scarf with warm water, just until damp--not soaked, then smooth it out on a flat surface and place heavy flat objects such as boxes or large books on top of the scarf. Wait a few hours or overnight and remove the heavy objects. Your scarf will lay flat!

Knitting a tube scarf on a round knitting loom

If you are having trouble mastering the flat scarf technique, a tube scarf may be the answer. You may also want to make a tube scarf when using thin, lightweight or very fluffy yarn.

The process is just the same as looming a hat, only you may want to use a lighter stitch 1/1 or 1/2 and you keep knitting until you reach the desired length of the scarf. These also can be made on any round loom, just keep in mind the width of the scarf will be less than half the diameter of the loom, due to yarn shrinkage. Have fun!

Happy Looming!

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In the coming days we will be launching our Best Knitting Loom Pattern Contest!

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