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Free Knitting Loom Project Idea, Issue #003 -- Christmas 2004
December 12, 2004
Greetings, Loomies!

Your Free Knitting Loom Project Idea--
Christmas Issue is here!

You may have noticed, we've dropped the "of the Month" part from our E-zine name. We definitely aren't getting them out monthly, but we promise this is a good one--hopefully worth the wait!

In this issue you will find instructions for knitting Christmas Stockings on round knitting looms. Happy Looming Holidays!
The Turner Family

Knitting Christmas Stockings on
a Round Knitting Loom

To begin a Christmas stocking on the baby/toddler (31 peg) loom, begin as you would to make a hat. Wrap the pegs 3 times and work off for about 10-15 rows. Turn up the bottom and make a band like on a hat. Continue to work the piece for about 9-10 inches. If you want the stocking longer or shorter then whatever distance you wish.

Now you are at the heel and we will be decreasing and increasing to make the shape of the heel. Remember to think of the pegs as numbered, the #1 peg is the red peg just right of the side holding peg. Wrap peg #1 and continue on to peg #30, leaving one peg unwrapped. Now work the yarn off the loom (pegs 1-30).

When you are ready to wrap again you will start with peg # 29 and wrap the pegs in the opposite direction from what you are used to when making a hat. Wrap pegs #29-2, wrapping clockwise on the peg and working counter clockwise around the loom. Work off the yarn.

Starting with peg # 3, wrap 3-28 in the usual manner, working counter clockwise around the pegs and clockwise around the loom. Work off the yarn. Wrap peg 27-4, work off the yarn, wrap peg 5-26, work off the yarn, wrap peg 25-6, work off the yarn, wrap peg 7-24, work off the yarn, wrap peg 23-8, work off the yarn, wrap peg 9-22, work off the yarn, wrap peg 21-10, work off the yarn, wrap peg 11-20, work off the yarn, wrap peg 12-19, work off the yarn, wrap peg 18-13, work off the yarn, wrap peg 14-17, work off the yarn, wrap peg 16-15, work off the yarn.

Now you will begin the increase and do the opposite of what you have just done. Wrap pegs 15-16, work off the yarn, wrap peg 17-14, wrap 13-18, wrap 19-12, wrap 20-11, wrap 10-21, wrap 22-9, 8-23, 24-7, 25-6, 5-26, 27-4, 28-3, 29-2.

Now you start back with peg # 1 and wrap in the usual way all the way around the loom. You have finished the heel and you continue to work the loom for about 5-6 inches, or how ever long you would like to make the toe section of your Christmas stocking.

Take stitches off onto a yarn needle and pull toe of stocking closed and tie with a square knot on the inside of stocking. Be creative with colors and have fun!

Free Knitting Loom
Contest Winner!

We have a winner! Linda Richards submitted a very intricate Christmas Stocking pattern that is sure to become a family heirloom. She also submitted a great neck-warmer pattern. For her entries, she will be sent a Complete Set of 4 Loom Room Knitting Looms absolutely FREE! Her entries were so detailed, they were too big to send in an e-zine, so we created a page on our website just for her! Be sure to check out her terrific patterns at Linda Richards Christmas Stocking Pattern Page!

For all of you sent in entries we thank you for sharing them with us. Keep creating great loom patterns and watch for your pattern to win in another issue of our Ezine!

Congratulations, Linda!

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