Arm warmer brims

by Kerri

I'm trying a new design for a pair of armwarmers and I want to add a brim-like cuff on both ends. I know how to do the first one and that one goes fine, but I can't figure out how to add a brim on the other end. Is it possible to add a brim/cuff/whatever on both ends of a project? I couldn't find any videos on it.

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Dec 20, 2015
brims on both sides now NEW
by: jenny Tavernier

I am assuming you mean the folded over brim.?

I have done it on several tube things, one like a normal fold over, stitch, and ended it by pulling up the inside over the pegs, ewrapped, and it was fine. (Both brims came out facing inside, so that was ok.) One thing you Don't want to do, is try a cast off (tight, no - ease stitch!) Just tie it off.
If you want to experiment, try it on the 12 peg, and you can see how it works, or if you want to do something wlse. Saves time!

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