Baby Blanket *Semi Urgent*

by Megan P.
(Bethlehem, PA)

I want to use my round loom to create a baby blanket for my friend who is due in June, I believe. I know that doesn't give me much time but if I can make a hat in like two days then I think I can get it done at a decent pace.

Please bear in mind that I am a beginner. I have only ever made two hats (which came out decently) but I still do not know much about "looming" at all!

The pattern I have is to use the purl stitch and the regular knit stitch. I am struggling with the purl stitch. It also tells me to use the 41 peg loom but to only start by casting on 27 pegs. I don't understand if I am supposed to like loop around to the original peg or go through the loom?

To be honest, I don't get on my computer much. I check my facebook more often. If somebody who is very patient wants to be my knitting mentor, please find me on Facebook and send me a message. I always have lots of questions and promise to send picture of what I'm doing so you can try to understand what I'm talking about. If you don't use Facebook you can also send me a personal email. Either way is fine by me. I will love you forever if you become my go-to loom knitting guru. You can find me on Facebook as Megan Giovinna Danielle Pavlo or you can send me an email at .

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I look forward to finding somebody to take me under their wing and make me their protege!

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Dec 12, 2016
baby blanket flat panel! (Belated!) NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Wah! I realized that I didn't even address your ques. (prob a moot point now.)

What skill you need to learn, is how to do a flat panel on a round loom.)

this is basically an unconnected knit fabric.
Think scarves! Instead of going all the way around, you are making a panel - and will be going back and forth, direction wise, to make the rows.

one can do any stitch, and your best quide is going to youtube and searching loom knitting+how to make a flat panel.

Back when I started looming, there were very few vids available! Now there are tons! Be sure to check out tuteate on youtube, she has great realtime vids and they are amazingly clear, but any creating a flat panel on a round loom will totally help.

Hope you made it to FB, lots of fun there!

Jen (knowing you are prob a looming expert by now! lol. Happy holidays!) 12/12/16

Apr 04, 2016
need a mentor? NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi Megan,

Actually, where you should be going to get any advice or help, is at your fingertips, unbeknownst to you!

First off, read the pattern thoroughly, as it will probably explain why there is only 27 stitches to start - and then may tell you further down how that gets incorporated. (And, I have seen some patterns that are flukily written.)

Now, since you are already on FB, use the search bar up on the left and search ~loom groups~.

Yes! There are several, that have been there for years, and it's interactive, as you know, with all skill levels, helpful people, tips, where to go, what everyone else has going as projects, etc. Good ones (and we tend to be all members of all of them, lol), are Goodknit Kisses, Knifty knitter loom creations, loom knitting group, etc.You will see what pops up!

Totally amazing with any help or questions, and photos. Also, there is a ton of blogs, and youtube videos for any prob or whatever you may need to check. Preface search with Loom knit+whatever your specific question is, or loom knit+baby blankets, etc etc for simple patterns. Loom knit how to make a sweater, loom knit" stitches, etc. You might find yourself not needing a mentor as much as you think, but getting connected to the loom groups on fb is the best thing ever! Years ago, when I first started looming, I had no idea that any of this existed, it was sparse on the web. Now there is a plethora of wonders out there.

Good luck, and happy looming!

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