Basic 8 Stitch; Ribs no longer offset?

by Emily
(Midland, TX)

Hello! I've been using a double sided knitting board and the basic 8 stitch, creating this beautiful piece that, because of the nature of the figure 8 stitch, had ribbing on the front and back side. The ribs on the front side were in between the ribs on the back side, and vice versa, creating a nice evenly thick weave.

Somehow, I must have altered my basic 8 stitch- now the front rib falls directly on top of the back rib- for super bulky ribs that are separated with loose yarn in between them. There is a very definite line in my piece where you can tell the ribs went from being offset to directly on top of each other. I can't figure out what I did or how to change my stitch back to the way it originally was! Anyone else ever had this problem? What did I change in my basic 8 stitch? How do I go back to the original weave with the alternating rib pattern?

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