Beginner looming kit

by Lori

I just picked up a tutorial loom knitting book and have made my first two hats, with the help of youtube. I would like to buy/put together a looming kit so that I have the necessary tools needed. I have already a few round looms that came in a kit. The kit included a plastic needle and a hook.

What are the best hooks and needles out there?
What are the best crochet hooks and what basic sizes do I need.
What other tools do I need?
Do I need the clips? and where do I find these?
Last but not least - what yarn brands to get.
Thank you for reading my question and your advice.

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Dec 20, 2015
looming kit NEW
by: jenny Tavernier

great advice above, also, you may want to search facebook, look for loom groups, loom knitting groups. That way you will also have a forum (interactive and fun!) of all us crazy loomers, our projects, photos, questions, and links to find out all kinds of things!

For beginning yarns, I went with red heart and lionbrand. Believe me, you will start getting so fast, that you will find yourself knowing the kind of yarn you want and need. (thin, med, chunky, etc.)

Go to the sewing dept near you and get METAL yarn needles. Some have different tips, and they hold up way better, plus have a bigger yarn entry point. Check them out online first!

As far as crochet hooks, even a walmart bundle will do - or the medium to big. You won't need the tiny lace-making ones yet. I have a lot of fs through large,(j, K...) and super large - (the thicker plastic ones. (Comes in handy!), If you experiment with your yarn widths, you will soon pair up which crochet hook works best with each.

Get a small tape measure, so you can measure, and learn your swatches! Some kind of stitch markers will prove useful, even if you get good at counting. I use Safety Pins to mark rows done. Cheap, and dollar store item - (100).

Hooks! lol, I have a ton of the original Knifty knitter hooks, which I love, and fit my hands. However, usually any store that sells looms, (Michael's, Joannes, hobby lobby, even walmart - will sell replacement hooks. If you go online, check out Authentic Knitting board loom accessories. They have a mega thick ergo padded loom hook that many love. Hope this adds some more to your options!!!

Dec 20, 2015
Loom Kit Ideas NEW
by: Anonymous

Have you seen the books by Isela Phelps?? She has so much information in all of her books on what to add to your "loom bag" as she calls it. Her books are detailed, full of pictures and patterns, stitches and hints. Youtube is full of hints, loom knitting web sites abound on Google and there are so many, many good hints right here in "The Loom Room"!!!! For yarn, depends on what you want to use it for, washable?? Children's clothes that take heavy use?? Distance between your pegs which then means 2 strands of yarn used together or just one strand of bulky weight? Brands I like to use and have had luck with,
Paton's fine gauge for socks, Red Heart for scarfs and mittens, Lily Cotton thread for dishcloths. Maybe others will tell us what they like!!

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