by Beth
(Aurora, co)

I picked up a loom for the first time today. My question is this...I e wrap once around the loom, then twice then I knit. When I e wrap for the third time am I starting with the peg my working yarn is on or the one next to it?

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Feb 18, 2017
Your loom advise! NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you, thank you! I am stage 4 breast cancer and I want to donate a few hats to the place I do radiation. Your advise worked perfectly!!

Feb 18, 2017
Beth/loomwrapping,tips and links! NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi Beth,

I personally wrap my looms starting with the next peg than the one last knitted. On a round loom, (or rectangular, etc.) There is generally a yarn holder peg sticking out, or you may need to mark, (I use a sharpie,) Pgg number one. (Or starting peg, if you will.) The peg before it would thus be your ending peg, the last one that you have knitted off. One then starts re-wrapping starting at the "Start" peg, and then knits that round off, ending at the last peg before it.

Iwould also say, make free use of youtube! Enter the term 'loom knitting'+whatever your question is. When I started looming, there were very few loom videos, and now there are tons, at all skill levels.

Another thing to do, is get to facebook, and search "loom Groups". There are several, and after requesting to join, you will find amazing interactive help, tips, photos, techniques, etc, all from mad and happy loomers.

I had no idea back then that there was an entry point to such a wealth of data. Also, great links. All skill levels are represented, different kinds and brands of looms, (based on the knifty knitters, (round and long looms, sock looms, etc.

Lots of photos! Off the top of my head, Goodknit Kisses, knifty knitter loom group, there are several! A lot of us belong to them all. Be sure to seek out and use the tips/document files, lots of things there, and patterns, etc.

Also, here's a great sight to start exploring looming! Search their site.

Hope this helps, and happy looming! It is an addictive adventure! lol Jen


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