Boot cuffs

I am new to loom knitting. I have made really cute boot cuffs but when I cast off the cuffs are too tight and won't stretch at all! Any suggestions ?

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Feb 22, 2015
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by: Jen Tavernier


Welcome to the stage we all went through!

The angst of,oh my god, it's great and I can't use it because it is like a tourniquet, won't stretch!

There are more bind offs that will handle things, don't despair!

I wish I had learned this FIRST. and it leaves a grea finished edge.

What you need to learn to do, is called the "Super stretchy bind off."

This is your next basic bind-off skill, that allows for stretch and ease in all things that need stretch and ease - (boot cuffs, fingerless mitts, slippers/socks, hats, etc. to fit over the ankle, leg warmers.

If you know anything about sering (machine), it is based on the zigzagback and forth.

Check this video out - although she is doing a long loom, she is doing it in the round, And using her pick, which is how I do it, no more fussing with yarn needles. This will save your sanity, and all your hard work!

Then, get ye to Facebook, and search loom groups. There are several, and we all elong to them. 24 hours interactive help, projects, links, vids, pics - and remember, youtube is your friend1

Loom super stretchy bind off:

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