boye sock loom or kb sock loom

by Laura M
(Pa USA)

I have a kb sock loom,can't seem to keep the stitches from popping off when I knit or pural. the stitch I am trying to go over comes off too. I have Boye looms and have never had any problems with them. Do you think rge bote sock loom will work better for me?

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Jan 26, 2016
Boye Sock Loom or KB Sock Loom NEW
by: Marilyn G.

I have knitted many pairs of socks and it does take practice to knit on fine gauge pegs. I have used the KB Loom, the Loop's and Thread's Loom (by Michael crafts) and a CinDWood Loom. I have not used a Boye Loom. But, are you aware of the different style of sock looms KB offers? Some sock looms have a slightly larger peg with a slightly bigger top to it and would be easier to keep the yarn on the peg. Check out the Authentic Knitting Board web-site they offer them for sale there. Another great loom is the All-in-One Loom by Authentic Knitting Board, a larger loom and adjustable to different sizes. But you can do socks on it and so much more. No, I do not work for the company. In fact, my favorite sock loom is the one by Michael's. But, I do not think they make them anymore and think KB offers some that may work for you.

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