Can a bind off edge be fixed once off the loom?

I recently finished a small lapghan for my mom for her b-day but the bind off edge is tight & curled in :( Can this be fixed even tho it's not on my loom anymore? I hate how it looks & really don't want to give it to my mom like that :-/

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Mar 15, 2015
Bind off edge tight NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi There,

The easiest way, is to block it - Hopefully, it is simply a tension issue, and wetting the yarn and pinning it flate (whether wool or acrylic), will help stretch/straighten it out.

I don't know which bind off you used, but I learned once long ago, NOT to use the regular flat bind off - It always shorted the edges, and would,'t lie flat.

Personally, I prefer the super stretchy bind off, for everything! LOL Especially if there is going to be any movement or ease needed. (I have out the link below to the vid.)

Another way you can get it flatter, if it is curling, is to crochet a single, or double crochet chain around the edge. This works sfor curling edges -

Now, on the super stretchy bind off, She does it a tiny bit different than me, lol, (You can do this on flat panels, or in the round. It is a real tool!

I do mine (3 times length of item), and go back and forth, (wither direction you knit is fine.) and I do the whole thing as a purl stitch action, except you are pulling the yarn all the way through, as you zig sag, This leaves a gorgeous finished edge,the same all the way around.

Another suggestion, for you, for sheer fun, is get over to Facebook, and search out ~loom Groups~. There are several, and most of us belong to all of them! Tons of pics, everyone is a loom nut, all skill levels, interactive for any questions and lots of help!

Kristen at goodknitkisses has tons of videos on her site for everything! (good knit kisses+videos)

Jen Tavernier, and here's the link to the ss Bind off for the future: (cut and paste.)

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