Can I fix this?

by cheryl

I am new at loom knitting and i love it. the problem i have is where i begin to when i am done, that line is always looser stitches than the rest of my hat. I try stretching it out, but i can always see a line of more open stitching from the top of the hat all the way to the bottom. i hope this makes sense as i can't explain it very well. All of my stitches are nice and tight except you can see a line of open stitches where i start and finish a row the whole length of the hat. Is there a way to fix this or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

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Jan 30, 2015
you are so helpful! NEW
by: cheryl

thank you so much for all of your help. i tried like you said others did trying to go back and forth starting on different pegs, and i must have 10 thumbs because i ended up with a mess! i will try your great suggestions. thank you so much for all of the help and i will check out the other blogs, etc. you recommended. i really appreciate your ideas and for letting me know that i am not doing this incorrectly and there are fixes! blessings and smiles, cheryl.

Jan 30, 2015
Can I fix this? NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi Cheryl,

Part of it is that looming in the round is based on a spiral. There are those that say stopping and starting rows at different pegs will make this not so prevalent.

However, I have been round looming tons of things, and find that the yarn Stitches/tension will sort itself out as the item is used, stretched, will fall into place.

Another way when it is fresh off the loom is to 'block' it. This means misting it with water and sqooshing it around to spread the tension/yarn stitches more evenly, and then shaping it and letting it dry.

It really is no biggie, and yes, you are dong it correctly!

For more interactiveness and help, fun, and seeing great photos of projects everyone is working on, go to facebook and join one of the looming groups there - there are several, (most of us are in all of them, lol) It's all about the yarn baby, Goodknit kisses, Knifty knitter loom creations, etc. Just search ~loom groups~

Don't forget youtube and blogs! always start your searches with Loom knit (question/project), as it puts you right in the ballpark quickly. Hope this helps! Jen

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