Can't tie off a split circle

need to find out how to tie off a blanket using a circle loom

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Mar 21, 2011
casting off/flat panel circle loom links
by: jen

I cast off/bind off/tie off my flat panels like the regular casting off - (round )
Make sure that the tail string is where you will END!
Regular casting off - there are some great vids on you tube- just google casting off flat panel -

There is also the "draw a thread throu all the loops, and crochet it closed, and there is another binding I have found called stretchy bind off -
(because regular casting off leaves it a bit - :tighter with no stretch -: - (works best on circle things,)

Here is a regular cast off -_and a panel, too! (with pick tool)

easy! (mikeyssmail vids are great!

Here is another method:
Fayme is doing a blanket cast off (another way - on round loom (panel)

Here is a crochet (flat panel vid - you have to watch a little to see her end -)

good luck!!! Jen

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