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The afghan  
You start off with any wool and do any stitch ( except making a tube) on the rake loom( the blue biggest one) and knit for the length you like and then …

Easy Knitted Purse 
For a purse about 5" tall, knit a flat piece on 7 pegs on a 41 peg knitting wheel until you have knitted a piece 12 inches long. then, do chain 1 bind …

My Purses :) 
I got a set of Knifty Knitter Looms a while back, and started using them. I got the idea to make purses on the looms, and they were a big hit! I now …

liberty scarf on my mini loom 
it is loom knit on a mini loom that I made myself. 62 inches long. I didn't write down a pattern, but it was really easy to figure out.

Santa Claus Hat 
This is a normal hat, but the length is higher.

Loom pillow 
First I made a fairly small and wide scarf.Then,i sewed the one shut.After that,i stuffed from the other end.Finally,i sewed the other end shut and laid …

Knitted Dog Toy (bobo) Not rated yet
I used the small loom, that you're supposed to use for making flowers, to make a tube-like dog toy, often called a bobo. I used 3 different types of yarn …

Fail Not rated yet
I made a baby hat with three strands of worsted weight yarn and made a cable or At least Attempted to. Next time I use two strands.

slipper socks Not rated yet
YOU WILL NEED: Blue 24-peg KK loom Pick and darning needle 150 - 250 grams of bulky yarn CUFF: For above socks, e-wrap 10 rows, then make a …

Colorful Wrist Warmers Not rated yet
I used the flower loom (used to also make thinner tube scarves, yellow) and knitted about 10 inches with multi-colored baby yarn I got at a local craft …

a long knitted hat Not rated yet
*first I got some yarn, if you buy a plan color than you would most likely only need one and if you get a color blend then you would most likely need two. …

tied end scarf Not rated yet
You knit a scarf then take thread and a needle and tie it shut.

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