Crochet (chain?) cast on super loose and crocht bind off very tight.

by Diana

I just started loom knitting but I don't like the look of the e-wrap cast on or stitch. I am an experienced crochetter and I have been making some swatches using the sometimes called chain, sometimes called crochet cast on. (The one where the chain wraps the pegs, not the one that puts the chain on the peg). I want to make a cowl but first I want to get the swatch right. I always end with a very loose cast on, with a chain that looks loose and huge. Obviously this makes both sides of the swatch different. I also tried the crochet bind off, because I read it matches the crochet cast on and it is very tight.

The rest of the swatch looks ok, the stitches don't look or feel tight. Should I tighten the cast on as much as I can? Is there a way to tighten it after it has been cast on?


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