by Debra Wildman
(Yorkville )

Hello, I am very new to knitting on a loom, this my first project actually and I've hit a wall. I found on the Internet a beautiful scarf knitted on a loom and I just had to try it. So I purchased a 10" double knit knitting loom. This double knit scarf was made using the Figure 8 stitch , one side of the scarf comes out like the rib stitch and the other side of the scarf looks like a crisscross stitch. Everything was going OK at first till I noticed after the 15th to 20th rows I noticed that the ribs on one side had some Criss crossed stitches on it and that the other side the crisscross stitches had some rows of rib stitches on it. Somehow I goofed and I can't figure out how......I'm very frustrated. So I hope someone can tell what I did wrong.

Thanks for any help you can give me,
Debra W. in Illinois

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Feb 13, 2017
Debraw/Fig 8 stumbles NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hey there,

Welcome to the learning curve! I would say carry on, and hone your kill, you will still earn lots! (We have all been there, done that!)

The other thing, is get over to facebook, and search out Loom Groups. There are several. )many of us belong to all of them, lol), and get connected for any help, questions, tips, what's new, how to fix, etc. It is really worth it, especially as you are new. There are members of all skill levels, and all loom makes.

This is the Best way to go, it makes such a difference! Also, Don't forget youtube, but always start your searches with ~loom knitting~+whatever specific-est question or whimsy you have. In your case, loom knitting+long looms+how to repair stitches. rip out, etc."It will get you to loom related things faster, (not just needle knitting. Youtube and looms have really flowered over the years!

You can also search under rectangular looms, or doubleknit looms - different people call them different things, lol. These looms, and the matching round looms, are very well known on the Facebook groups, and are constantly in use.

You may think you should rip out everything scarfwise, and start again, but honestly, it is worth the journey to complete it, and then make another. You will be amazed at the familiarity, and speed, AND the increased "watching" that you do, in regards to mistakes! Believe me, we have ALL been there! But you will also find your speed goes way up, and will continue the more that you loom.

Hope this helps! Jen Have fun!

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