Hi, I am quite new to loom knitting. There's a lot of information on the internet about the types of looms and I am not sure which would suit my needs. I am looking for a loom that would be suitable for knitting both baby booties, scarves, toys and probably purses. So I would like advice on which loom should I go for and is it possible to get all of these knitted projects on one loom so I don't end up getting different looms.


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Dec 01, 2010
You're going to need more than one loom
by: Angie

I agree with Anne. You are definitely going to need multiple looms. Especially due to the different sizes of projects. Baby booties will be done on a much smaller loom than something like a purse or hat. Knifty knitter looms are very good for beginners and inexpensive. You can get a set of four for about US $20. My favorite thing about these looms, aside from the price, is the groove in the side of each peg to make putting your needle under the yarn to pull it over the peg much easier. I'm getting a sock loom for Christmas (I know because I had to show my daughter what it was so she could buy it, haha) and I'm not sure how quick and easy I'll pull the yarn over the smooth metal pegs. You might find that for baby items, you would want a loom with the peg spacing closer than knifty knitters. This is to make smaller items and not have big holes in them from the gaps between the pegs. Also, the smaller looms are designed to work with the fine or extra fine baby yarn.

Its addicting! I hope you can find a good source in Kenya for your stuff because you will definitely be going back for more looms and pattern books!

Happy Holidays!

Nov 27, 2010
knitting looms
by: Anne Fetters

As a fairly beginner loomer who has fallen in love with doing it. I will tell you that the knifty knitter loom set that they have for sale through this site is your best bet for the things that you want to do. I now have two sets of those and two sets of the long looms that I use a lot. I have given the sets as gifts to four people now and they all end up using each of the four looms, and they each have gone out and bought the four set long looms as well. I think for the cost of the set you can not do better than to purchase the sets cause you will want more of them once you get started.

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