Decreasing hat to cone shape

by Lisa

Anyone have suggestions on how to decrease a hat into a cone? I'm still new to this and cannot seem to find any instructions online anywhere for loom decrease on a hat.

basically I'm trying to make something that looks like the old Sleeping caps in the story books or what looks like Link's Pixie Slouchy from Legend of Zelda... The patterns I've found are cute but they are not the right look. Some of them start to decrease and then go directly to a point which makes them look chunky and incomplete.

Any input would be great.

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Jan 19, 2013
Decreasing hat to cone - (Scats) lol! NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hey There!

es, there is a way, and a LOT of people are ding it!

Basically, you need to know how to do a flat panel (not a complete circle) - as there is a point where you will begin decreasing on each side to get a triangle, and then will stitch up the open part. (you will start with an in the round. They are also called "Scats", but they are the pixie/elf story book hats!

These links will take you to where you can get the patterns, or ask questions, or see vids on it. Amazing people, and it is interactive, 24 hours a day. Loads of fun, from super beginner to loom masters. Ask away - !

If you get to the FB groups, look under photos - you will see some of the great things loms can do, to, and pics of elf hats. Under files, there are patterns and explanations.

These are the place to go!

Here's some very cool links -

Now - Some other major sites with vids, and very well done ones too - worth becoming a member of, or just visiting -

This is Kristen's loomknit club.Totally amazing! very interactive, 24 hours, lots of help and great people from total beginners

to masters - very cozy and fun! (The one I am at the most)
This is Kristen's youtube channel. She makes amazing videos, most on the KKs, but also Martha Stewart loom, etc. Tons

of how-tos, and she has an amazing stitch (vid) directory, trouble shooting, bind-offs, how-tos, patterns - Starts at the beginning KKs round and longloom, and then goes
way beyond, different looms, reviews, etc. all in full color!It is loomilicious! Tons of patterns also! - Excellent explanatory and see-able vids - makes it a point to go slow, and in depth.
this site belongs to Bethany Dailey - tons of free patterns and all things loomy! She also has a yahoo group that has some

amazing things in it! Please check it out. She is on the FB loom group all the time, and responds quickly!

This is the famous Mikey Selick of youtube loom/yarn/fiber fame - he has his own totally cool thing going on. Great friends

with Kristen
It is a facebook group join)

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