Dropped Stitch & Reconnecting piece to Loom

by Emily
(Midland, TX)

Oh no! I've been knitting a 5' x 6' blanket using the basic 8 stitch on my double sided knitting board- when on the final ball of yarn I noticed a dropped stitch half way down my blanket that was continuing to run the length of my blanket and unravel!

Unlike in knitting, I suppose I never noticed the dropped stitch because I somehow just kept winding the yarn around those pegs.

If this were to ever happen again in the future, How do I fix it from there?

In my desperation, I unraveled 3' of my blanket to the dropped stitch. Now I can't get the blanket back on my 5' loom! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! Advice?

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Dec 03, 2010
Dropped Stitch on Blanket
by: Jeannie Phillips www.placeformycards.blogspot.com

My mom did this...we took a crochet hook... and fixed it... crocheted the stitch up to the right place..and took a little piece of yarn and tied it off with a single knot..wove the ends in and you couldn't even see it ...she had just gotten too far to want to undo it back to where it had unravelled to and this worked.


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