by Michelle

I'm an amateur at this. I prefer to wear the wide headbands instead of hats to keep my ears warm. My daughter and I tried knitting a double-wide band and then bringing it back up onto the loom the way you make a hat brim. Then we knit off, but the knit-off edge was too tight and stiff while the other edge was loose and stretchy. I have a double-wide band knit that will match the scarf I made. I don't want to ruin this headband. How do I knit off so that I don't have the previous problem?

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Wow! Thanks so much! My time on the internet is limited but I will definitely check it all out.

Mar 06, 2012
Super Stretchy bind off vid - NEW
by: Jen Again

Here you go!


sorry it is all long, but you can also go to youtube
and search super stretchy bind off, or looming+casting off

Mar 05, 2012
Earwarmer/headband castoff NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Have you mastered the super strethcy bind off? (it works similar to a zigzag stitch on a machine, and is very easy - you will basically be using a needle to go back and forth thru alternate stitches. working your way around. There are several links below - and I believe Kristen @ Goodnite kisses has a video on it in her youtube channel. (we all know it as super stretchy bind off)

please come to Facebook and join us! Easy to love loomy active group with over 900 members! We love to help!

(There are also directions for the super stretchy bind of under our "Docs" section.) All below!
Hi There, Here are some more loom links for you, also!

First off, this is a 24 hour a day (and night) interactive looming crazy site, with photos, docs, tutorials, videos, and over 450+ crazy loomers who love to share and help! We talk back and forth all the time - same page -(facebook group below)

Come join us on our Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/kniftyknitter/
we feature everything you ever wanted to know or share about loom addiction, and if there is a question, we will all find an answer to it!

AND! Do we know where the free patterns are, and have some total looming greats! I hope you join us - as it is all skill levels, from a first hat up to the mega stitches - It goes from, and WAY beyond hat and scarves!

Now - Some other major sites with vids, and very well done ones too - worth becoming a member of, or just visiting -

this site belongs to Bethany Dailey - tons of free patterns and all things loomy! She also has a yahoo group that has some amazing things in it! Please check it out. She is on the FB loom group all the time, and responds quickly!

Here is Kristen at GoodKnitStitches (2) this is her blogspot, and below that her video channel

This is Kristen's youtube channel. She makes amazing videos, most on the KKs, but also Martha Stewart loom, etc. Tons of how-tos, and she has an amazing stitch (vid) directory, Starts at the beginning KKs round and longloom, and then goes way beyond, all in full color!It is loomilicious! Tons of patterns also! -

And Here is Virginia - Simply Intertwined - homey, makes great vids,
If you plug in Simply Intertwined on youtube search, there is a host of videos.

Come for sure, to (over 500!) loomers on facebook!

There is also a NEW revamped Loom Knitter's Circle Magaxine (online )- this is quarterly - but has load of good stuff:

Hope to see you! Jen

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