by Emilie McVey
(Hershey, PA)

I have a set of round looms by Provocraft. Their website seems to have converted to a cricut machine website, so I have not been able to get instructions for different projects. I am specifically looking for instructions on how to make a scarf on the round loom.

Also, I noticed that when I made hats on the round loom, the stitches were fairly loose, producing a not-that-warm hat. But when I tried to put more tension on the yarn (trying to make a tighter stitch), it became nigh impossible to remove the loops from the pegs. What might I be doing wrong?
Thank you for your help.

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Sep 16, 2016
Me too Please NEW
by: Samantha

Hi Jenny. Could u pls forward me all the info and links you send Emilie pls.

Email: sam8375@gmail.com

Thanking you in advance


Oct 23, 2013
Some Ideas For You NEW
by: Marilyn G.Anonymous


I find many loom patterns by doing an internet search. Try: Knifty Knitter Patterns", "loom scarf pattern", "knitting loom sock patterns" and so on depending on what you hope to find. Many free patterns out there and loom videos to watch that take you step by step. Now, for your yarn and being too open or loose of knit. Many looms require you use two strands of 4 ply worsted weight yarn together. The loom pegs are too far apart for many weights of yarn. You can buy looms where you only need 1 strand of 4 ply yarn but then your loom pegs will be much closer and again, lots of info on the world wide web. Many sites will explain all about the looms too!!!

Oct 23, 2013
Emilie/scarf loose KK patterns NEW
by: Jenny Tavernier

Hi Emilie

I sent you a list of links, but there is another thing that might make you happy.
First, re the scarf, are you using 2 strands of yarn? THis automatically bulks it up and gives you a tighter gauge - (and recommended by KK).

Now - In the Goodknit Kisses group, we have files. One ofthe files made up for us by Charity Windham, are ALL of the Knifty Knitter Provocraft patterns - (@ 56 projects!) That are NOT on the website anymore. (since they went to cricut).

Join Kristen's GKK group, go to files, (under the heading pics up top, and scroll down to "Links to Provocraft". Click on that, and you will get what looks like a posting, but also says preview or download. For somereason, the download is not working.

Click on PREVIEW - and you get the PDFS (online) with all the patterns and sections. They are grouped by type of project - (sweaters, hoods, scarves...)alphabetically.

Just scroll down/find what you think you want, and click. Up comes a page with the pic, info, and the pattern. It is a totally amazing resource, and I am SO glad someone saved these for us!

Another tip, is that if you are using youtube, or blogs, etc, when searching for something? (And there are tons of vids now,) Preface your search by ~Loom knit~ whatever. THis will put you directly into loom knit territory, not just general needles/crochet.

You can also find cool blogs by searching 'Loom Knitting blogs.'

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