Fingerless Mittens

I love knitting on my looms. I have made scarves and hats. I got an idea to make fingerless mittens, to either wear alone, or to layer over thin gloves. I cannot figure out how to make a hole for my thumb. Any ideas?

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Jan 12, 2012
my two thumb hole tips NEW
by: fairywren

I have two ways of doing the thumb hole for fingerless gloves.

Flat panel - this creates a vertical slit for the thumb. I usually knit 4 or 5 rows flat panel, then go back to knitting in the round to finish the glove off.

Bind off - this creates a horizontal slit for the thumb. Just bind off around 4 pegs (depends how big the persons thumb is!) to make a hole.

I also prefer a tighter bind off around the fingers as I find this hugs the glove to the fingers and stops cold air getting in. I also do a K1P1 rib for the final 5 rows as that holds the top of the glove more snugly to the fingers too.

Jul 23, 2011
*super stretchy bind off (mitts/finger end)
by: Jen

There's no need to knit the last row loosely.

Cut yarn, leaving enough tail to wrap around the loom 4 times, then thread the tail through a tapestry needle.

The yarn tail should be at the last peg, so bring the tail (always in front/outside of loom) past the 1st peg, and sew UP thru the 2nd peg, then
DOWN through the 1st peg - Sew UP thru the 3rd peg, then DOWN thru the 2nd peg.
Sew UP through the 4th peg, then DOWN
through the 3rd peg. Sew UP through the 5 peg, then DOWN through the 4th....

Follow this sequence, pulling the yarn snug as you sew,
keeping the needle in front of the previous UP strand and you sew DOWN
through the loops. The last sequence will be UP through the 1st peg,
then DOWN through the last.
You will make the equivalent of
little cursive E's all around the loom. Now pop everything off your loom,
and voila - stretchy bind-off.

This is also useful for flat pieces. Cut tail, leaving
enough yarn for 4 times the width of the active pegs.
The peg with the yarn tail is #1, its neighbor is #2,
the next is #3, etc.

Sew UP through #2, then DOWN through #1.
Sew UP through #3, then DOWN through #2.
Sew UP through #4, then DOWN through #3, etc.
The last stitch will be UP through the last peg,
DOWN through the 2nd to last peg, then UP through the last peg once more.

Jul 23, 2011
fingerless mitts
by: Jen


I do it 2 ways - (woman's med -blue loom, flat knit stitch after a couple rounds of e-wrap, (1 strand #4 yarn works fine! (if you do 2 strands, you will be adding bulk) - or you can do all e-wrap - (stretchier) (even on the 12 peg bloom loom)(for this you might 2 strands - (no ladders)

Thumb/holes: 2 ways

1. Knit your tube to desired length up to thumb -
The first time I did this, I just kept knitting in the round, but drew the yarn (inside)along 2 pegs (next to each other, you pick)for 3 rows around, and then just started wrapping them again, knitting until finish and cast off. This of course left me a 'hole' with loose yarn strands, which I then finished off catching it all together with a tapestry needle. (bound off round hole). This worked, and was quick.

Thumbs # 2 (Or without thumbs)
When I got more sure of myself, I loomed say, 15 rows in the round, - but then, worked flat panel - backward from the last peg to the first, then the first to the last, etc, for however many rows /upper length you want - (I did 13) I cast off with the stretchy bid off - (otherwise it is just too tight with no ease) (see bottom)*

This in effect will give you a closed tube, that opens up into a flat panel. I either left an opening for a thumb, and sewed together the upper finger part, or else I crocheted a thumb - (i strand or way to bulky!) and closed it, OR! Using the Icord double headed (pink) 8 pegs, wrapped 7 or 8 flat knit, and cast off (reg), which gives you a long perfect thumb tube - (adult), which I sewed along the bottom and sides of the flat panel opening, and then stitched it shut - (or crocheted)

(I wish we could add more pictures!)

Here is a major pointer - DO NOT bind/cast off the finger end with the basic cast off! - it will come out too tight, and won't really stretch!
Use the 'Stretchy bind off' (instructs below)

the 12 peg (bloom) will do small kid's hands - (knit stitch) and with e-wrap, you can get a little larger stretch for bigger kids)

Have fun! I like my mitts longer down the forearm - (covers the exposed wrist up under jackets - it gets cold here!) and on some like the fingers almost covered to the tips -

Oh - if you crochet a thumb, use 1 strand # 4 - if you are looming the 8 peg, you could double it (#4) major thing is bulk and flexibility!

I will add stretchy bind off in next comment - to many characters! LOL!

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