Flower Hair Band

by Sidney

Take a small round loom with 12 pegs. I use Deborah Norville 5 In Red Berry for "petals" and Lily Sugar'n'Cream 4 Scented Vanilla Boquet for center. Tie a slip knot on the anchor. Bring The yarn you are using for "petals" between pegs 1 and 12. go behind peg 6 and bring it back to 12 and go behind 12. Bring the yarn yarn this time to peg 5 and go behind 5 and bring it to 11 go around the board this time till you have looped the yarn around each peg twice. Cut of your yarn that you have and tie it around the dense thing you have in the middle. do same with knot on anchor. know thread the yarn for center through a plastic yarn needle and keep going around center till it llooks like a flower.Take your needle tat is still threaded to the bottom and ron needle through the center of a green pony tail and go back up. you should have attached the pony tail to the center. tie of your center and if desired, spray with perfume. Remove the edges of the "petals" from the loom and "VOILA!" a flower hairband!

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