Forming holes

by Robin Blake

Hello ... I need some assistance reading a pattern.

Here is what the pattern says ...

" To form holes for legs, knit only pegs 1 through 9. Knit back and forth* for 9 rows. "

My question is ... Knit back and forth? Are they saying Knitting back AND forth is one row or ... Knitting is row one and going back is row number two?

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Dec 21, 2015
forming holes NEW
by: jenny Tavernier

Hi there! What it is refering too, in making a hole, is doing a partial flat panel, where you are not knitting all the way around. Indeed, back and forth, for as many rows as stated.) And then at some point you will continue all the way around again.

Best advice is to go to youtube, and look at vids on "loom knit a flat panel", or :How to loomknit a flat panel", to get an idea of what is actually happening. (It's a great and easy skill, especially when you want to add button holes, etc.) as well as larger holes, (sleeves, necklines, etc) Very simple!

Here is one, (smaller button hole/holes, From Virginia Galligan's at Simply Intertwined. There are a ton of youtube vids for everything you can think of. Just be sure to use Loom Knit in your search - it will get you there faster than also all the needle knitting things. Also, check out facebook, and search "loom knitting groups" There are quite a few! Hope this helps!

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