Future knitter

by Maria S. Palomo, Pastor
(San Antonio,Texas)

Hi everyone, just found out about all this on TV. I sent for the beginners DVD for $10. I haven't bought the loom yet but plan to on the first of the month (payday). It looks kinda complicated but I really want to try it. I was reading a comment from someone who said that their dad made one from wood and nails. Cool idea. I just might try that. What all can you make with this loom? I know you can make sock, hats, and scarves, but is there anything else like blankets or table covers, etc. I can crochet, but don't usually do much, kinda lost interest, plus I am 58 yrs young and my hands start to hurt. Arthritis. The reason I ask what else can be made is because I am a pastor and maybe I can get some of our older people in the Bible Study Classes interested in doing some projects to give away to the less fortunate. Anyway, thanks for all the info.

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