Great therapy after major surgery

by Jessie

In 2009, I had to have major surgery to remove my large intestine, and to have a feeding tube placed. It was a long recovery with several major complications. As a result of the complications, I had to stay in a nursing home to recover for 3 months after surgery. I was extremely bored since there is really nothing for a young adult to do in a nursing home. One of my friends from church saw how bored I was and surprised me with a Knifty Knitter loom kit, yarn, and pattern booklet. After some trial and error, I made my first project on the looms (a purple hat). The night shift couldn't get me to go to sleep most nights, because I still wanted to knit. Over those 3 months, I created several hats and scarves for the staff at that nursing home. Since then, I have loved knitting on my knitting looms: round looms and long looms. I will always be greatful for the gift that my church friend got me.

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