Hat Loom Std/normal yarn weight

by Matt

Hat loom pic1

Hat loom pic1

Hat loom pic1 Hat loom pic 2

I've just started getting myself into an attempt at knitting. My mother is an avid knitter and crocheter and due to her Parkinson's struggles with her dexterity so she can only manage small projects. So this is what kind of lead me into the hobby so I could make my own hats.

I've started to watch several videos on youtube; Loomahat videos I've really liked since she has easy to understand videos and the production quality is really good. In her videos, she suggests starting out 2 threads of 4-weight yarn; to prevent large gaps. So I went out and bought a hat loom. My mother has loads and loads of yarn so rather than buy more she suggested that I use some of hers. A lot of her yarn is new, but don't have labels so I couldn't tell what weight it is and had to go by eye.

I'm 4 rows into the hat and I'm starting to think this yarn is smaller than 4 weight because it seems like there are some pretty big gaps. I have attached two pictures. My other thought is 4 rows is still fresh and I need to make more rows before getting a good idea.

I would greatly appreciate some of you knitting aficionados/experts could look at my pictures and do your best to estimate if you think the yarn looks about a 4 or if it looks smaller like I think.

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