help I have a serenity loom

by jackie
(atlanta georgia)


I received a Serenity loom for Christmas and the instructions are horrible. They say in a two page blurb (I won't even call it an instruction page) that you will have a positive looming experience.

Actually, just finding an appropriate instruction page has made me want to pull my hair out! After reading, and rereading the two tiny pages, they say when needing further instruction to seek the many excellent internet websites and groups!

I am used to loom knitting. Can you help me find someone who can tell me how to use it properly? The instructions say to prevent the Afghan from rolling to purl the ends. But they do not show you how to. Plus, with the Serenity loom the stockinette stitch is almost impossible because the pegs do not match to have the stitching consistent. The wrap is an e-wrap throughout.



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Aug 19, 2015
Knitting Loom! NEW
by: Susan Fernando

I think the difficulty with looms is that you can just use thick wool which means you are very restricted in what you can build, and I have no idea about using knitting loom use properly because I am not using. terminator genisys movie jackets

Jul 23, 2011
serenity loom parts and where -
by: jen

Also, before you give up, try facebook "loom knitting creations" These people are loom addicts and have figured out just about everything on different looms -

As far as replacement pegs - I am still looking! Some loom companies have bags of 10 - but I have an older loom, that there is about 20 missing on - (not serenity) - and I am sure that little bags of pegs will cost me more than buying a new loom somewhere and using the pegs off that. Geesh! Wish someone had a bulk peg bag somewhere -

Dec 03, 2010
Serenity Loom not made for....
by: Jeannie Phillips

This loom is not made for knitting from side to side... like the long straight looms ... it is for flat pannel knitting... you can get a s shaped loom at da looms... that is made for knitting side to side...

Hope you figure it all out and enjoy!

Sep 18, 2010
how to find instructions serenity loom
by: marjorie

you tube has great tutorials thats where i learned can you tell me where yours was purchased

May 06, 2010
peg replacement
by: Anonymous

I used my loom this past Christmas and a few of the pegs broke. How do I get replacements. I am not up to buying another loom.


Mar 31, 2010
Have your answer!
by: Anonymous

You really need to check out the tutorial on Youtube from user Mikeyssmail He's is amazing, and has several tutorials up already on Loom Knitting. One very recently features the Serenity Loom. Just go to and search Mikeyssmail (don't forget the 2 s's lol) You'll definitely get help there!

Jan 11, 2010
Knitting Looms

Hello ,

I have the knifty knitters and if it is anything like those you should do an e wrap and continue with the thread all the way around. Try looking up the knifty knitters for thier instructions. Hope this helps you out.

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