Help needed getting stitches back on loom!!

by Tammy

Started this project by Red Heart for a fluttered scarf, my problem is that once the first 10 rows are put on scrap yarn, I can't get the stitches to fit back on the loom! The pattern starts on a 36 Peg loom and continue with one strand on the loom, but switch to flat knitting using only 12 pegs. The pattern instructs me to place 3 stitches on each peg...this seems impossible, the yarn is full of tension:(

Any suggestions/pointers would be most appreciated by this novice loom knitter.

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Mar 19, 2015
Put stitches back on NEW
by: Anonymous

It seems like you have a bigger problem with your tension. The tension always is tighter for me when I straight knit. It might help to wrap yarn looser when you straight.

It is possible to put the stitches back on. It takes patience, but it is better than starting all over again. When tension is tight I put my yarn on each side closer to the top of the peg. This may loosen the yarn.

What I do for missed stitch:
When I missed a stitch, I took off the previous stitch to see how it was put together. You will need a crochet needle. Once you see how the stitch is made, you can do it. You may have to remove previous stitches to get there.

Once it is fixed you can continue. Note: When you remove a stitch (putting loop back on peg), be sure to unwrap yarn on peg and go to the next stitch.

If this info can't help you now, I hope it will help you in the future.

Rose Ann

Rose Ann

Mar 18, 2015
stitches back on loom? NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi Tammy,

Geez, been there, strong armed yarn, it split, and I didn't continue. (And I was new, before there was any vids or advice, or groups. Haven't tried it again. BUT!!!! There are better ways, but I will refer you to Facebook, search ~Loom groups~.

There are several, and many of us are in all of them, (and have been for years.) It is a great loom knitting community, with tons of help, questions, photos, all interactive. All skill levels.

I would suggest Goodknit Kisses, It's all about yarn, baby, and knifty knitter loom creations, off the top of my head. A great resource, and yes, there are those that have gone through this, and survived!

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