Help with more stitches on a round loom

by Lynn Barkema
(Huntington, IN)

I am new to loom knitting, having just got a set of Loops & Threads Looms (round)for Christmas. As it came with no patterns, I got a small booklet from Red Heart called Loom Knitting Made Easy. It has a lovely pattern for a lace scarf/shawl I'd like to make, and I have some re-cycled Sari silk I'd like to use. However, the pattern calls a 48 peg loom,. and my largest is a 41 peg loom. (There's also a hat pattern I want to do that calls for a 48 peg loom). My niece tells me that there is a way to do more stitches on a loom than there are pegs, but I can't find anything on it on-line. Perhaps I'm not using the right key words.

Anyway, I am hoping that someone here can help me.

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