How do you bind off center stitches in 2-loop method for a sweater?

I am making the timberline sweater from Authentic Knitting Board

I am stuck on the bind off for the center stitches. I have never attempted a bind off in the middle of a row and I don't want to mess up or I will have to start the whole front panel over.

Could someone please explain or post video (even better) on how to accomplish this. I would like to get this sweater done very soon as I want it for an upcoming trip.

These are the instructions given:

Neckline: Use the crochet hook to bind off the center (6) stitches using the basic 2-loop method. You will have
stitches on each side of the neckline bind off sts. Tie on a second skein of yarn after the bind off sts so that it is
ready to work the right side of neckline. You will work each side of the bind off separately.

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