How I became addicted to yarn.

by TheJeannedart

I am a mother of 3 wonderful girls. I was teaching jewelry in goverment afternoon classes. I was watching my aunties crocheting using cotton yarns since I was a child maybe of 3 years old. I tried many times to add something on their work but you can imagine....... what has happening. They were shout at me because I always made something wrong ...... Now I am a crochet lover. I make hats, scarves, mittens, slippers, booties, even boots..... Anything you can imagine .... lately I turned also on looming. I have prym knitting mill for quick projects. I have 4 round looms. 2 sock looms. And last week I received my Martha Stewart Kit. I love yarn. It's so relaxing and of course gives me the ability to work with my beads also. Crochet and Jewelry. Crochet and Looming. Yarn , Me and everything. For helping my Greek spoken fellows I have a youtube channel " TheJeannedart" where I share tutorials in greek.

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