I binded off too soon

by Aimee Vaughn
(Greenfield, MO)

I have a KB afghan loom. I have it marked so I can work the figure 8 pattern. I did my bind off believing my afghan was long enough, only to realize I was not. Is there a way to reattach them to the loom even though I've already done my bind off?

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Dec 19, 2016
reattaching a bind off NEW
by: Jen Tavernier


Sure you can re-attach and loom further!
If you don't mind a slightly seen join, you can just slip each stitch back over the pegs, and continue on.

I have done this, to lengthen, but also there have been times that the loomed item on the loom, came off! The one thing to watch for is that there IS a front and back to your loomed fabric, so you want to make sure you don't add the extra length with your stitches reversed!

But hey, I have just relooped stitches/ loop back over the pegs, and continued. But re-attach your complete stitches first, before looming, so that you know you are not missing any pegs, and that you have all pegs covered to the end! Yes, there will be a 'join' row evident, but it can be minor, unless you are going for total perfection.
or, you can start new, looming the length you want to add on, and attach sew the panel back on) (with a whipstitch, best results,) links for this are: (Cut and paste - youtube links)

sewing on a new panel or additional loomed length -

using the whip stitch for pretty invisible joining of panels

If you were a masochist, you can painstakingly undue the binding stitch by stitch, and repegging the raw stitches one by one, and then continue looming. (LOL, sorry, but I am too lazy!)

I would also, for fun, suggest going to Facebook, and searching loom groups. There are several, (a lot of us belong to all of them!) and they are great interactive and projects and photos and tips, any question or help needed - lots of happy mad loomer addicts there.

I would suggest you check out youtube, always preface a search with loom knitting+whatever question... you will get more loomknit than regular knit.
Hope this helps! Happy holidays! Jen

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