I just started knitting, and my hat came out with a really loose threading...

by Sam

I just recently bought a loom, and it seemed really fun, so I just went for it.

But my hat turned out loose...
I need some advice on this!
Thank you!

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Jun 18, 2011
loose hat
by: jen

Loose - the Brim was too loose or the overall stitching too loose -
one cause is this - you either need to use chunky (5 or 6)or bulky yarn - (one strand) or TWO strands of the # 4 (ex: red heart worsted - walmart type)
Otherwise the stitches come out kind of loopy and lacy.

The other thing may be your head was smaller than the loom youthought you should use -
(I have used a loom size down, it seems to work great and with the yarns above, there is always enough elasticity and they fit great! (this is basic E-WRAP)

If you do a knit stitch,(flat stitch), you need the bigger loom as the fabric produced will be tighter and not as stretchy -

Not sure what is exactly "loose) but hope this addresses it! (using two strands of the #4 will give you fuller stitches, not lacy ladderlike - )

Regarding the brim - that will be cozy and elastic if you double over a couple inches when you first start it, - and then bring those bottom stitches back over the pegs, and keep going - it gives a stretchy firm elastic brim.

Definitely check out youtube on these - there are guys that really cover and show the basic things, plus trouble shooting!
When I got my looms, I think I first spent a couple evenings watching vids - all the sudden it comes clear!
Good luck! I love mine, and had to work thru my own, "Wha? why is it doing that? - You will find your second item goes 3 times as fast!


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