I love my "In the Attic" Loom!

by Lorna

My almost completed first mitten!  (Thumb still on loom.)

My almost completed first mitten! (Thumb still on loom.)

My almost completed first mitten!  (Thumb still on loom.)

I'm a hand knitter mostly, but wanted to try a loom to mix it up a little. I needed an easy project right now, for relaxation. I bought the mitten loom set about 5 years ago, but just got it out to use. I don't know why I waited so long! It is very simple to use, and you can easily have a mitten set done in a couple of days. I'm almost finished with my first custom fit mitten, and couldn't be happier. They look so professional, since you loop the cuff back onto itself during the process. Also love being able to make them shorter than traditional ones, as they always seem to be too long for what I like. I have never done this in traditional needle knitting, with the loom it's so easy.

I was just at a craft show where a lady was using a hard plastic loom, she dropped it on the floor while using, and a peg broke off. She was able to repair it with super glue, but I'm glad to know that these will not break, they are flexible, soft, lightweight, and go in your dishwasher to clean! I love that, too. If I decide to buy a bigger set of looms, I will look for this brand, since they are such good quality and won't break.

Also, the tiny loom included in the mitten kit is not found anywhere else. I have never seen a hand loom so small, I'm looking forward to finding uses for that one as well. I love to make wrist warmers, and going to adapt the pattern to try those on the mitten loom, it's the perfect size.

Overall, I'm having fun with the set, and highly recommend it to anyone looking to use a small round loom, or anyone wanting to make a pair of custom fit mittens, and it's super easy for anyone to do, knitter or not.

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