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Smooth Flexibility

In The Attic round loom set with hookIn The Attic Round Loom Set

In The Attic looms are made of a unique plastic, called Flexiloom. They are inexpensive and include basic instructions and a knitting loom hook with every purchase.

In The Attic knitting looms come in five sizes from adult hat loom to mitten loom. They can be used to knit hats, scarves, sweaters, dish cloths, afghans, and much more. In The Attic claims that "FlexiLooms are unlike the hard plastic looms you can find in the local big box chain stores".

According to their website, ITA looms are:

    "Flexible -- Flexilooms design reduces hand fatigue and makes knitting on the loom much easier.

    Durable -- Flexilooms are guaranteed not to break or fall apart.

    Preferred -- You will love the smoother pegs, softer loom, flexible design, and metal pick tool."

Once you are ready for more in-depth project instructions it's time to get a good knitting loom instruction book to help you really get an understanding of all that you can do with your knitting loom.

Watching videos can help, too. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a whole bunch of lessons. ;-)

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Wanting to Purchase 
I love these looms. If anyone knows of any of these looms for sale? I would love to know about them. I have been looking for a couple of years now with …

Love these looms 
I only have the mitten loom set and the small round. I would love to have more.It is my understanding that they are no longer being made. I have heard …

I love these looms! 
I absolutely love the In The Attic round looms. They are by far the best ones that you can buy if you are loom knitting a lot. I especially like the …

Looki For In the Attic and Sock Looms 
I am hoping to find a set of these looms. I basically only want the two small ones (blue?) but if i have to, I will buy the set and pay reasonable postage. …

Wanted. In The Attic Knitting looms 
I have a set of In The Attic looms and I love them. I am looking to purchase more but haven't been able to find any. If anyone has any the want to sell …

Very nice looms 
I have several of the In The Attic looms and I really like them. I like the flexibility of them and they are well made.

Love My Two Sets 
I love my 2 sets of The Attic knitting looms.I need another set of 4 and the mitten set because my 11 year old grandaughter wants them. Then maybe I can …

I Love In the Attic Looms 
I used to use these Looms all the time, and they were wonderful, easy to use. Two years ago my Husband died. My Children moved me 3 times and in this …

Love the In The Attic FlexiLooms!! 
I recently purchased 4 of the In The Attic Flexiloom's (adult, baby, newborn, and mitten looms) from a local craft store. From the very first day I used …

I have had the pleasure of knitting on the purple knitting loom and I would dearly love to purchase the green and the blue flexilooms. Unfortunately in …

The Attic Flexilooms 
I love my flexilooms from The Attic.I am looking for the newborn and child sizes of them.

I love my In the Attic looms. 
In the Attic looms are the best. The flexible pegs make knitting so much easier, relaxing and enjoyable than the looms made of the hard plastic.

mittens for kids Not rated yet
I have attempted to make mittens for children. The smallest loom I have is 24 and I find they are too big for the age group 2-8 range. Do they make an …

The Attic Flexlooms Not rated yet
I was lucky enough to find a yelled and green one and I love them! There very easy to work with and there so comfortable to hold on to!! I just need to …

I love my "In the Attic" Loom! Not rated yet
I'm a hand knitter mostly, but wanted to try a loom to mix it up a little. I needed an easy project right now, for relaxation. I bought the mitten loom …

In The Attic Looms are the best Not rated yet
I have both Knifty Knitter and In The Attic. Love In The Attic best. The yarn tool is very comfortable in your hand. The looms are plyable which also …

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