Juanita Rynearson

by Juanita Rynearson
(Payett, Idaho)

I bought a 4" loom for making leprosy bandages. So far with this loom I have made 10-4' bandages on it. This loom saves my hands because I can loom for several hrs at a time. My bandages are wonderful and perfect every time. The people that I bought the loom from are not in business anymore. I have looked and looked and looked on the internet with no success on finding another leprosy loom. If this loom exists please let me know. If I can pass the directions for making this loom onto someone please let me know.

juanita2245 at yahoo.com

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Sep 19, 2009
by: marsha mason

Tell us what does your loom looks like. Is it wooden, plastic, metal. Maybe we can come up with a substitute if we know what it looks like.

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