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by Michelle
(Commerce City, Colorado. USA)

I want to make some headbands/ear warmers to donate to my local Children's hospital for kids with cancer. I found some super cute instructional videos on YouTube and followed the easy to understand instructions carefully. The problem is that when I took my finished project off the loom, the cast on end was loose and stretchy, but the bound off end was very tight with very little stretch. I'm using Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight yarn. What am I doing wrong? Is it the yarn? I'm thinking of trying 2 stands of yarn the next time I try. Please help. Thank you kindly.

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Jul 07, 2016
Just a loomerHeadbands/earwarmers NEW
by: Jen

Hi, glad you found a good thing to loom and give!

You don't mention what kind of loom you are using, but here's a couple tips:

2 strands of #4 yarn will look and hold shape, way better. (I am thinking maybe you have the circular looms?) The bigger gauge works better with 2+ strands of #4s, or 2 #5s, a #6, etc. - using only 1 strands will leave anything you make rather flimsy.

Red Heart Super saver - now, if you have any question about softness of it, there are vids on youtube of "how to soften red heart yarn" I can tell you it works! I usually have no prob with it, and when I wash the item, (slipper socks, hats, fingerless mitts, etc., as needed, (Use a hosiery bag! Don't just throw items in loose, they WILL pick up any lint!) Anyrate, they soften then, (and shrink back, if stretched a bit.)

Now, Cast on, cast off,stretch- (vids on it)
Look for ~Loomknitting+Super stretchy bind off~
There are a few - and this is one of the best bind offs you will ever use. If you use the REG bind off, you will have a tight tourniquet! The SS bindoff (or some say xtra stretchy,) is the one where you need ease or stretch, like yarn elastic. If you are familiar with sewing a zigzag stitch, (sewing machine), it's the loom/yarn version, and is great for stretch that hugs to fit. This is the simplest vid and clearest that I have found for this:

Now, get thee to facebook, and on the left search window, search: Loom Groups. Yep, there are several, great ones to start with are Goodknit Kisses, Knifty Knitter loom group, and others. check them all out (I think there are 5 or 6, most of us belong to all of them, lol! Great interactive groups, questions welcome, pics encouraged, help available!

Hope this helps!

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