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I've been trying to make an 8x8 square on the 10" knitting board(though the main knitting area is 8 inches long) however I can't seem to get my center to be tighter. Though I do get my sides fine, had to visit the knitting board FAQ's for that. For reference: "This is very easy to correct. When you hook your stitches over, be sure to work from one end towards the center of the knitting, and then switch to the other end and knit towards the center. Be sure to loop over all the stitches. Do the same thing to the other board. Be sure to vary the spot that you change direction so that you do not create loose stitches in center. The center does not need to be exact so vary it with each new row."(copied from the FAQ.) However I do that and my center is loose. What am I doing wrong? Not sure what yarn I'm using all I know is it was red heart super saver or something like that. Hope I'm making sense. Thanks.

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Mar 31, 2014
Knitting Loom NEW
by: Robin

I am fairly new at using a knitting loom. I am finding I get about 10 rows loomed and my yarn gets so tight I can barely get the yarn to toss over to make a stitch. Any suggestions on why my work is getting so tight?

Thank you

Mar 28, 2014
Try the other way NEW
by: ChristinaRae

Some recommend starting lifting loops over in the center and going toward the outside. Maybe that would help.

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