Knitting Loom Website For Sale

The Loom Room is for sale! If you love knitting looms and want to make money at home from your own website, here is a very unique opportunity to do just that.

The cold months are coming and that's when traffic and revenue always jump significantly. So this is a great time to take over and see instant returns on your investment.

Here are some stats about this website:

  • The Loom Room home page is #1 (or on the first page at least) on Google for the keywords: knitting loom, knitting looms, loom knitting, round looms, round knitting looms, and more variations.

    Go ahead and google them to see for yourself.

  • My Traffic Stats for the past year below:

Summary by Month
MonthDaily AvgMonthly Totals
Aug 200945529011165927377714516
Jul 200941024698812715764930649
Jun 200938323092411495692427724
May 200935921786211155673026752
Apr 200937123491811149703227544
Mar 2009475297117714741922936515
Feb 20095793631488162361018141682
Jan 20097725082178239501575167523
Dec 20088455712344262051772772665
Nov 20087655032002229521509560075
Oct 20085593611564173361121448484
Sep 2008420274135112614824240557

The Loom Room has been online since 2003. In the beginning we designed, manufactured and sold our own wooden knitting looms and did quite a nice bit of business with very steady sales and returning customers. After my husband took a job in Arizona (where we rarely need knitted items :) and began working long hours, we no longer had time or interest in keeping up the business. So at that point--around 2005 I converted the site to an informational site, monetizing through affiliate sales of yarn, how-to books and dvd's and Google Adsense ads. It has been on autopilot ever since, I have only occasionally added updates or new features--like Content 2.0., and answered emails here and there.

I know it could be much better. The visitors to this site deserve much better. They are delightful knitting loom enthusiasts. Very friendly and helpful.

I can give financial details, with supporting proof to anyone who is truly interested in taking the site over.

It is basically a turn-key website at this point--running on autopilot. But I know it could be much better with the addition of new content, more interactive features and better monetization.

Please contact me if you are seriously interested.

Thank you for your time reading this.

Melinda Turner