Knitting Pal?

by Heidi

Hi, Came across an item that is round and divided pie like. It has numbers around which I think are for counting stitches. It has the words "Knitting Pal" on it. I have found some items that say Knitting Pal but nothing like what I have. The center is not hollow, it is more like a round disk that a circle loom. Any ideas of its use and where to get directions?

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Dec 26, 2011
knitting pal loom NEW
by: Anonymous

Go to knittingpal knitters on Yahoo groups, several of the people there have the same knitting loom.

Mar 14, 2011
Mystery loom thing
by: Jen

The solid center makes it sound like a flower loom - or daisy loom - (I have seen them both big and small) Go to youtube and look up flower looms -
(there is also a weaving loom I have seen like this, and one that makes something like wrapped granny squares)

Hope this helps! Jen

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