Knitting Pattern for Beginner

or Looming Pro ;-)

This is a knitting pattern for a beginner or child--or use it to quick-loom a hat for a gift or outing. We also use this method to combine two different colors for a two-toned effect. This method goes doubly fast because you use two skeins of yarn at the same time.

Pattern for Quick-Looming a Hat

Basic Hat Instructions

  • Begin by tying a slipknot in the end of the two strands of yarn.
  • Tie this to the holding peg* (if there is one, or a thumb tack as shown here) or just hold the yarn with your thumb on the side of the loom.

Knifty Knitter Long Loom With Hook & Bag

Knifty Knitter Long Loom With Hook & Bag

"Novelty scarves are still in style, and with this rectangle loom anyone can be in fashion. Working on the same principle as the round knitting looms, this loom knits a single layer. Simply knit until your scarf is the desired length and finish off.* Kit includes rectangle loom, hook & pick tool and instructions, all packed in a carrying tote."

  • Hold the loom in your left hand with the pegs facing to the right.
  • Holding the two strands of yarn together, go to the next peg past the yarn holding peg and wrap the yarn under and around the peg, coming in a direction toward you (counter clockwise).

  • Continue around the ring until you have two rows on the ring.

  • Wrap the yarn around the *side peg (not shown in this photo), secure yarn with your thumb or just pull it out of the way.
  • Using the knitting tool, slide the pick in the groove of the first peg under the first 2 loops and lift them up over the second two loops and the top of the peg. Continue around the loom.

    (Skip this step to leave a rolled edge--very stylish for ladies' and childrens' hats.)
  • When you have loomed 4 to 5 inches, you are ready to finish the brim. Go to the first row on the inside of the hat and lift these first loops over the corresponding pegs.
  • Next, with the pick, lift the back loop over the front loops.
  • Now you have a hat brim!
  • Continue looming 20-25 rows after the brim.
  • (To add variety, you can cut the two strands and tie on two strands of a different color for five rows and then go back to the original two strands. This will produce a stripe. This can be done at least two times before the hat is finished.)
  • Cut and knot the strands at the end, leaving about 4 inches of yarn.
  • Thread a blunt yarn needle using a double strand; cast the loops off onto the double strand of yarn (needle going through the loop toward the base of the loom).
  • Turn hat inside out; tightly gather loops on the strands and tie with square knot several times. Include the end strands into this knot.
  • Work the end strands on the inside into the hat.

(below)The hat on the left was made using the Quick-Knit Looming Method (2 skeins at the same time 2/2). The hat on the right was knit using the regular 2/2 method, using only one skein of yarn.

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