Knitting with knifty knitter 3 by provo craft (felted pack)

by Chastity
(Atlatna, Ga)

I am making a felted backpack but the instructions on how to decrease are not very clear. This bag is made on the knifty knitter blue long loom. It has 62 pegs and all of them are e wrapped. The pattern for the decrease is as follows:

Count to 7th peg and mark with a marker. Now mark peg 24 and two pegs across on loom, peg 55 and peg 38. To decrease loop on peg 7 remove loops from pegs 7 and 8 with crochet hook. Crochet loop 7 through loop 8. Return loop on crochet hook to peg 8. Peg 7 remains empty. Do the same with pegs 24 and 25, pegs 38 and 39, and pegs 55 and 56. This leaves 4 pegs without loops to make holes for straps to go through.

Then it goes on to say continue wrapping and knitting for 60 row or until you use all the yarn.

I am confused because it is not clear to me if I am supposed to keep repeating the decrease or to continue with the ewrap and bypass the empty pegs. Can someone please help me. I really like the bag and I have already completed the straps.

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