Knitting with twine, rope, and other unusual materials

by Bill
(Austin, Texas)

I stumbled on a blog about how to knit socks on a loom, and that was it, I was hooked (hnrk, hooked, haha) I made myself a pair of socks and then I went berserk, knitting a small receiving blanket for my grand nephew on a doubleknit KB loom, then I found some cheap plastic round looms at the thrift stores around town and I started spewing hats till my family told me to just QUIT IT, we live in TEXAS, it's HOT here 80% of the year, and now I've started experimenting with shapes, triangles, zig zags, etc.

But the most fun I've had is knitting with twine. The idea was to make baskets and floor mats, but some of the twine was too big for the looms I have, so I scaled back to a very thin cheap twine that's irregularly spun, so it's bulky in some spots, thin in others, which gave my basket a fun shape. I'll upload a picture when I can -

the question I have for the reader is, any suggestions on what to do about the bottom of my twine basket? The issue with using a loom is, you can't increase on a spiral till you get to the loom width, if that makes sense? I want a round bottom, but can't decide what to do, howh to achieve that, so right now, I have a "basket" with no bottom, that sits in my bathroom and holds my washcloth/handtowels for guests.

I'll upload a picture when I get home. I've started a second basket using higher quality rope/twine that's dyed green and is uniform thickness. I also need suggestions on what to do about a bottom. That one is still on the loom and I will upload a pic of that as well.

Enjoy! This new obsession with loom knitting has turned into a lot of fun, and a very relaxing thing to do in evenings when I'm alone with the dog and cat and listening to the radio trying to not wire myself up so I can sleep. I do things with traditional yarn as well, but it amuses me no end to shop at Home Depot for my knitting supplies :-)

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Jan 30, 2017
Funny thing... NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks, these are great resource suggestions, I'll look for that book. Funny thing, I started thing about weaving the bottom, and then knitting the sides, after seeing pictures of mandalas this woman weaves on a round loom. That WOULD make an awesome sloich hat, eh?? Too bad you can't post pictures, but if I ever get around to it, I will, promise.

I like using unusual, a-typical input materials for my projects. It all started with a hat made out of recycled Goodwill curtains, fancy rust-red and gold damask pattern brocade. I have a big head and wanted a "Dumbledore" cap. Couldn't find one that fit so I thought, I know how to sew, I"ll make my own. But I couldn't find the fabric I wanted, not until I started shopping thrift store curtains. I have a matching pair of harem pants now :-)

But that's not about loom knitting, sorry for the diversion, I'll go look for those FB groups.

Jan 29, 2017
weave rd loom/bottoms NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Sorry I missed this!

One thing you can do, on a round or square loom, is weave the bottom!

This is from a hat pattern (round loom), but didn't include the directions, so I searched until I found the missing step. If you are making them on round looms, you can start with the weave, and then continue up the basket normally.

I have made several hats with woven tops, and they are awesome. I made one on a bigger loom, (like a huge bucket hat turned upside down? and it was perfect as a bottomed basket pattern.

Wish I could send you pics - but this weaving that Hazel Weaver does is fantastic, round or square. Also, Check Facebook for loom groups, and join. There are several.

There are ways to do your baskety things from the bottem up, starting with the drawstring close, so that you would have a closed bottwm, (maybe put a cardboard bottom in to hold the shape of basket after closed.)

This is an awesome book, and has the hat pattern I mentioned, with the woven top (or bottom.) You will need the vid above, to see how the weaving is done, that starts it. Too see the hat - google search: anne Bipes+woven top hat

Name of book:

Learn new stitches on circle looms, Anne Bibes. She has another cool pattern for bag bottoms.

Hope this helps! Jen

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