Knitting Pattern for a Child

Looking for an easy knitting pattern for your child?

You've come to the right place. Round knitting looms are ideal craft tools for a child. There's no mess to clean up, the materials are inexpensive, it's a quiet activity and--best of all--they can learn a skill while creating something of value.

This page offers a free pattern a child can knit on our round knitting looms.

child knitting loom hat

The Fuzzy, Rolled-Brim Hat (1/1)

Here is a photo of 5 year old Emma, wearing her older sister's (age 7) first knitting loom creation.

To make the FUZZY, ROLLED BRIM HAT, your child will need:


To begin tie a slip knot and secure the yarn around the holding peg on the side of the loom. The red-topped peg is peg #1. Bring the yarn thru the pegs between #1 and the last peg on the loom. Holding the loom on its side with your left hand and the pegs facing your right hand bring the yarn behind peg one and wrap it around to the front of the peg and back behind again. With the yarn behind the pegs, move the yarn to peg # 2 and wrap in the same manner. You will be working clock wise around the loom and counter clock wise around the pegs. You always wrap from the back to the front and move to the next peg at the back. When threading, let the yarn slide thru your hand easily, not pulling the tension to tight on the loom. Once you have gone all the way around the loom, continue threading until you have two(2) rows of yarn on each peg. Secure the working yarn on the holding peg by wrapping around several times.


Using the tool, begin at peg # 1 and pick up the first yarn loop and bring it up over the top of the other remaining loop and the top of the peg. Move to peg # 2 and continue this process all around the loom. When you finish the last peg unwrap the working yarn from the holding peg and wrap another row of loops on each peg. Work about 30 rows for an adult hat (yes, this hat is cute on a woman, too!) and 25 for a child's hat. Row numbers will vary, just measure by sight how far down on the forehead you want the rolled brim to come.


After finishing the last one over one row, now work the bottom yarn loop up over the peg, leaving only one loop on each peg. Take the working yarn off of the holding peg and measure a three-foot tail and cut. You will use this tail to take the remaining loops off of the pegs. Thread the tail onto a large plastic craft needle. Using a double thickness of tail, begin with peg # 1 and lift the yarn loop off of the peg and onto the needle. Continue this process all the way around the loom. When all the loops are on the tail turn the hat inside out and cinch the hat closed. Stitch across the closing a couple of times. Dividing the tail in half, tie a square knot and trim the excess. Hooray! Your child just completed their first knitting loom hat!


If you want a pom pom on the top of your hat, wrap the yarn around a 3” x 1” piece of cardboard until you have 75 wraps. Now take a short piece of matching yarn and push it under each flat side of the cardboard. Tie half of a square knot and cinch up the middle of the yarn tight. Having someone secure the tie with their finger, tie the second half of the square knot. Cut the yarn along the edge of the cardboard on each side. Lay the two pom poms on top of the hat and secure them with a piece of yarn. Fluff up the short pieces to make a great looking pom pom!

To see great pictures & more instructions on Pop-Pom making visit this very helpful page at

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