Long loom bending

by Brian

My daughter and I are knitting a scarf on her loom. The loom is bending together in the middle making it very difficult to wrap the yarn around the pegs. How can I fix this? Is the problem just that it's a cheap loom and not very strong? If I buy a better loom will I have to start from the beginning? Thanks for your help.

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Jan 13, 2017
thanks NEW
by: Brian

I was afraid I would have to start over....I had tried doing a few rows real loose to see if it would correct the problem, but I don't think I was successful.....now the pegs in the middle are so close together it is very difficult to loop the yarn around the pegs....at least we haven't gotten too far with the scarf.

Some of the videos I saw on youtube about knitting didn't make it look like you had to be so loose with the yarn.....I guess like anything else you live and you learn.


Jan 13, 2017
Long loom bending NEW
by: Marilyn G.

This is a very common problem that happens when the pegs are being wrapped too tight. If you continue on with the project, the knitted fabric becomes tighter, the pegs are more difficult to knit over and the pegs will break. Sorry, I am afraid the project will have to be started over. When wrapping the pegs, just wrap the yarn so it sits next to the peg, NO tension or pull of the strand. The loops will seem loose, they will tighten up as you knit along. Wrap very loose. Plastic looms work fine (some great more expensive wooden ones can be purchased in the future if your daughter likes knitting).

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