looking for printed instructions

by Ginette

while I was cleaning out my parents house, I found these looms, but there were no instructions.....I wanted to try it out before I donated them to a local retirement home. Anyone know where I can print the instructions to include in the package?

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Mar 06, 2017
looking for printed instructs NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi There!

Not knowing what looms you found, finding the printed instructs (which are all out there for any given loom,) might be hard. If you want to have some intro fun, go to youtube, and search:

loom knitting+beginner or loom knitting+how to use a loom.

The reason I preface this with loom knitting, is that it will get you closer to actual loom knitting, as opposed to needle knitting or whatever is out there. (Using only "loom" will get you 60 different kinds.

I am speculating that you are speaking of the round and rectangular (or Long) looms.

These are generally plastic, and they come in different sizes. There are some wood ones, too -but generally they will be plastic.

They are wonders for the intense fun and awesome usefulness and variety of things you can make. The originals were called knifty knitters. The other brands you may see are Michael's loops and threads, darice, boye (much later, not as sturdy,)etc.

There is a basic stitch valled the e-wrap, all though, there are several stitches and techniques as you get the basics down. (very easy, but there is a bit of a small learning curve, , but you tube also has the fixes. (like missing dropping a stitch, how to make thumbholes, etc.

Also, there is a link I have included that may be your looms, or similar ideas. If so, get thee to facebook, and search out loom groups. There are several, all interactive, tons of help, tips, day to day photos and whatnot posted. Mad happy loomers, all different skill levels. Loom knitting is addictive! lol

Loom knitting for beginners: (Round looms)

rectangle looms (long looms) (Good for double knit! - different ways to wrap)

You will notice that there are tons of loom knitting videos, and projects, and tutorials, how-tos - Hope you have fun!

Also, any craft store usually will have quite a few books and the accessories that you will need, (Ie, beginning, a pick or hook, and yarn! You will want to use #4 yarn, doubled. (Yes, there are yarn sizes! lol) You will get it down. Good brand to start practicing with is RedHeart. So splurge on the videos, and see what is available. There is SO much more than hats and scarves, (I mainly do sweaters, wristwarmers, mittens, some hats, slippers, and slipper sox! You can do anything on a loom, quick and fast. Others do afghans, blankets, etc. (There are plastic looms for those too, but I am to lazy for the super big projects, lol!

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