Loom knit cable stitch

by Ashley
(NC )

I was just wondering if its possible to loom knit the cable stitch in 2 colors!Like somehow make only the cable alone one color an the rest another color? An is there a certain cast on stitch for doing the chevron stitch? Sorry Im kinda new at this! Thank you

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Mar 02, 2017
Loom Knit cables/contrast color NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi there!
it Kisses
I have not done cables, (but everything else, lol) - I would suggest youtube or blogs, search ~loom knit+cables+ alternating colors~ or some such.

I would also advise you to go to facebook, and search "loom Groups". There are several, all skill levels, years in length, and join all of them. (most of us have, lol)

Some good ones are goodknit kisses, knifty knitter loom group, off the top of my head. Also, Goodknit Kisses, (Kristen Mangus), has her own yourube channel with tons of loom knit vids (how tos,) and is a guru queen of questions. There are many others.

On FB, you will have interactive forums, questions, tips, help, etc, all from mad active loomers, plus day to day who's doing what photos, etc. Totally worth it, especially if you are new. Best connections ever! Lots of news, questions for help welcomed. Believe me, someone knows!

I have been looming for years, and changing colors. It's remembering to switch the yarns at the beginning of the figure you are making, (row, etc.). I know cables cover a bit more pegs,but it seems that if you had 2 colors tied on, that you switched back and forth, it could work! Don't be afraid to play!

Here are some youtube links, get ideas. )loom knit cables+color change (search)



ALso, go to google images, and check out loom knit cables. Want some inspiration? About aooo photos of projects and items, and many click through to a pattern or blog.

Also, check out tuteate on youtube. Totally real time step by step projects.

Hope this helps! Jen

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