Loom Knitting dishcloths

Would you please tell me where to buy a knitting loom for making dishcloths? Size? A friend offered me a set of round looms, but I would also like to make square dishcloths but need advice. My arthritic thumb is not allowing me to do much knitting these days, and I have heard that loom knitting is great!

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Jan 16, 2011
Dishcloths on a Pocket Knitter
by: Aimers

Not sure if you've discovered the Pocket Knitter, sold in most hobby stores. It is made by Provo Craft. I'm working on a scarf right now but I am going to try a dishcloth next.

Isela Phelps has the perfect video on YouTube to learn how to knit and purl on the Pocket Knitter. Don't try to follow the instructions on the pamphlet that comes with it. Keep the patterns and ditch the rest.

Just a note tho...to keep it from curling, this is what I am doing.

Row 1 Cast on - e wrap as the You Tube Video directs you to.

Row 2 Purl the entire row as per video.

Row 3 Knit as per video.

Row 4 Purl as per video.

Continue regular knitting for the length you desire except the four fins on each end, purl instead of knit.

The last 4 rows do the same as the first 4 rows.

Hope this helps!


Jun 15, 2010
Rectangular Knitting Looms
by: JSWolck

Most craft stores (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore etc. sell Knifty Knitter Looms in rectangular shapes as well as the round ones. I personally prefer using Authentic Wooden Knitting Boards because the results look more like hand knitting. These are available on the Web. Most of them come with great instructional videos. (The wooden ones..)

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